I know, I know

My last entry was so darn interesting. I think my hub fell asleep in the middle of it. Luckily he had to wake up to go watch basketball championships.

Speaking of watching things, we got to see the revival of "Hair" this weekend. (My idea.) I love the music (it's both unique and funny, always a plus in musicals). But it's among the many musicals that's 96 percent music and little spoken word in between, so if you're not into that type, you might wanna skip it. And there was...wait for it...nudity! Nudity! Nudity! (Full frontal, too.)

I think I tend to love the songs more than the actual plots of most musicals. Here's my horrible confession: I've liked the movie versions of the Sound of Music, Annie, and Oklahoma way more than when I saw the stage shows on Broadway.

I really did like Sweet Charity on Broadway, though. Never saw the movie version (if there was one), but my high school put it on when I was a sophomore. The star was Colleen Fitzpatrick, AKA pop star "Vitamin C", believe it or not. Somehow, in my humdrum central Joisey h.s., we had a few stars come out.

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