Twivia question update

Congrats to all of you who guessed DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER! You win nothing except my respect, especially for the Canadian who answered.

Here is an educational response:

Has anyone else answered your trivia question yet? It's Ike, our only presidential Dwight. I had the answer without looking it up, but I did Google to find out where his name came from -- this PDF summary of his post-presidential papers hints that he was named after 19th century American evangelist D. L. Moody. (The D. L. stands for Dwight Lyman.) That's the earliest first-name Dwight I can think of, although there were a couple of early Yale presidents with the last name Dwight. On another subject: Your blog is one of the few I regularly read that doesn't offer a site feed. I'm sure there are other readers who would appreciate a feed as well. Setting it up in Blogger involves about six clicks of the mouse, and there's no effort involved in maintaining it. Your barometer blog already has one. Hope you have a good turnout for Tuesday Night Trivia. I've only been able to play once -- living 2,000 miles away puts a damper on participation -- but I enjoyed it a lot. www.batesline.com

On an unrelated note

I got this in my work e-mail and it made me laugh:

I’m Not Loving the Hummer of a Summer Promotion!Action Alert Deadline: September 15, 2006

This summer McDonald’s really is supersizing it. As part of its “Summer of Happy Meal Fun” campaign, the burger giant is offering toy Hummers in its Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal boxes and calling it the “Hummer of a Summer” promotion.

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